Thank you for visiting our website. Laboratoria Smeets N.V. is located in Belgium in the Antwerp area. The company specializes in the blending and packaging of pharmaceutical powders. We do everything we can to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Pharmaceutical powders

Since it’s origin, Laboratoria Smeets has excelled in the manufacturing of powders. From blending to packaging, all processes are performeed under GMP conditions in a dedicated facility.


Obtaining homogeneous blends is paramount. Powder to powder, liquid into powder, powder in liquid, everything is feasable.


We produce several hundreds of millions of powder filled sachets per year and through that experience, we have acquired a unique sachet knowhow. We also fill plastic tamper proof containers and sacs up to 25 kg



Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is in the genes of Laboratoria Smeets. We never compromise on quality. This is guaranteed by well trained people with long term experience within the company.

We share a passion for excellence and custormer service.

Total service 

For Labo Smeets, total service means flexible service. We have a range of possibilities to meet your specific needs. One of them is to simply package your products into your packaging material. These can be powders, liquids or gels.

Alternatively we offer our services for product development, purchasing, procurement, manufacturing, testing ad delivery. In other words, the full value chain design.


The role of Labo Smeets is one of contract manufacturing. The products we make for you are confidential and unique for you.



Labo Smeets: focus on powders


Fotografielaan 42
B-2610 Antwerpen-Wilrijk
Tel. +32 (0)3 828 29 37
Fax +32 (0)3 830 21 36
e-mail: info@labosmeets.be



New Technology for API solubility

In collaboration with the University of Ghent, Labo Smeets has realised a new process in pharmaceutical extrusion technology, which enables us to make granules. The main application is to make pharmaceutical granule compositions to drastically improve water solubility of active ingredients. This equipment is installed and available since January 2011.

CASE: Flexibility  

We were contacted by a company that had a large project based upon nasal therapy with essential oils. There was no supplier for the part, no clear definition of the product and no procedure lines to make the product, but there was a short deadline. Pressure in order to obtain the right information at the right timing. We agreed with the customer the precise ...
CASE: Packaging excellence  

A potential customer had set up an organization to import pharmaceutical products from lower priced markets into higher priced markets. As we have a lot of experience in setting up flexible packaging lines, we showed an interest in order to supply the relabeling and .repackaging of this product. A nice coincidence was that a particular company, which as active ...
CASE: Product innovation  

A customer identified a patented technology at one of the Belgian universities to make one of their products easier to administer. We were contacted at an early stage to help with developing the product. We jointly decided to set up a test manufacturing unit in order to produce small batches for the clinical trials. As the project outcome was uncertain, ...
CASE: Speed to market  

A customer found an opportunity to launch an anti-allergic product in one of its markets. The opportunity came up quickly, but the product design wasn’t ready, nor were the sales forecasts. The marketing team instructed to identify the swiftest supplier to realize the product launch. In less than 2 weeks, we were able to present a fully elaborated ...