Contract Packaging activities

The packaging operations for powders and liquids are concentrated in our second site. Ranges vary from 25 kg to 1000 mg. We use lined bags, rigid plastic containers, dispensers, sachets. In some cases we develop highly specific solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Sachets are typically packed in a folding box with information leaflet included.
All products are identified with an in line code, batch number indication and expiry date.


Labo Smeets has seven Laudenberg packaging lines for sachets. 

Laudenberg stands for rotatative form fill seal (FFS) sachet machines. They are very robust, easy to change over and highly reliable. The seam qualities are outstanding. Our lines are equipped to handle powders and liquids

Production speeds are up to 200 sachets per minute.


Labo Smeets has 3 WEBB powder filling and container handling lines

G Webb automation enjoys a world-wide reputation as a leading supplier of high quality powder filling and container handling equipment to the packaging industry, and is a major supplier to many of the world’s top ‘Blue Chip’ companies.

AFI (All-fill)

Labo Smeets has one AFI filling line for containers.

Most of the powders handled on this line are packed into containers. We have an automatic capping unit, and we can seal an aluminium membrane in-line.

All-Fill is a leading manufacturer of filling equipment. It is renown for durability and flexibility of the filling head. There are minimal costs for changeovers. 

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CASE: Process Installation  

Open communication crucial in reassembly and automation of process installation for Laboratoria Smeets Large scale projects don’t always have to exceed the deadline, the budget and the stress limitations of the people involved. No, there is another way. Egemin Automation and Laboratoria Smeets proved it in their joint project to build a new production ...
New Technology for API solubility

In collaboration with the University of Ghent, Labo Smeets has realised a new process in pharmaceutical extrusion technology, which enables us to make granules. The main application is to make pharmaceutical granule compositions to drastically improve water solubility of active ingredients. This equipment is installed and available since January 2011.

CASE: Packaging excellence  

A potential customer had set up an organization to import pharmaceutical products from lower priced markets into higher priced markets. As we have a lot of experience in setting up flexible packaging lines, we showed an interest in order to supply the relabeling and .repackaging of this product. A nice coincidence was that a particular company, which as active ...
CASE: Product innovation  

A customer identified a patented technology at one of the Belgian universities to make one of their products easier to administer. We were contacted at an early stage to help with developing the product. We jointly decided to set up a test manufacturing unit in order to produce small batches for the clinical trials. As the project outcome was uncertain, ...
CASE: Strategic procurement  

One of  our pharmacuetical customers is a large consumer of raw materials. Often large pharmaceutical customers are constrained with their raw materials procurement strategies. The complexity of the regulatory filing for many of their products, prevents them from obtaining the best deal. Underlying causes are the intrinsic speed of action, but also the ...
CASE: International  

A potential customer outside the European Union contacted Laboratoria Smeets. He had obtained, sooner than expected, a registration for his powder product and was desperately seeking to be on the market as soon as possible. We immediately shared his sense of urgency. Just one day after the initial contact, we offered a full service proposal to buy the ...